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What is TheVideo?
TheVideo is a free media storage service. Users can upload large video files in one click and make them available to friends and family.
Is this site free to use?
Yes. You can watch and upload any videos without paying a cent, although we do provide a Premium membership which enables some awesome features.
What kind of videos aren't allowed?
We do not allow adult material or copyrighted content. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
For how long are videos stored?
As a premium member we will store your allotted videos forever.
As a regular member your videos may expire after 60 days of inactivity.
How do I share my videos?
You can see share buttons inside the video player, or you can get the video URL in My Videos tab. Post the link on your website, forum and blog, where people share their videos.
Can I search for videos other people uploaded?
TheVideo is intended to be a personal media storage site and does not currently support a search feature.
Help! Nothing is loading!
This is due to some browsers not being very friendly.
If you'd like, you can report the browser and operating system it's running on so that we can address it.
In the meanwhile, try a different browser or attempt to resolve it by clearing your recent cache and history, incase the issue has already been resolved but is stored by your browser locally.


Why were my files removed?
If you have received an email saying that your files were removed it is possibly due to either:

1. A breach of our TOS.
2. Your file expired as per our user agreement, this can happen when the file has not been downloaded or viewed frequently and you are not a Premium member.
3. The file is damaged and the system removed it as per its regular cleanup.

Contact us if you believe there was an error.
Can I change my username?
Sorry, it is not possible to change your username. If you really don't like your username, please create a new account.
How do I change my password?
Login to your account > My Account > Change Password
My account was hacked. Can you give me new password or account?
It is your responsibility to keep your account information safely secured and stored. We will not respond to such mails, nor will we be able to help you out.
My account was suspended/blocked.
Your account may have been suspended, pending investigation of spamming, flooding and other misconduct activity that we do respect or condole to. Your account may be closed if we find evidence of any such activity.
Can I have more than one accounts on TheVideo?
Yes, we allow multiple accounts per user.
How can I opt-out of recieving emails?
We only ever use your email to let you know about important notifications!
That being said, if you'd like to opt-out you can simply reply to the email with the words 'opt-out' in the body.
We hope to soon streamline this process.


What kind of video formats can be uploaded?
We accept the following formats: avi, divx, 3gp, mov, mpeg, mpg, xvid, flv, asf, dat, mp4, mkv.
I uploaded videos, but I can't watch them?
Videos must be encoded before they can be streamed and this process takes approximately 5 minutes.
Why aren't my videos being encoded to all available qualities?
Encodings are limited to the original video quality. For a high quality encoding the video must be of an equal or greater quality.
How do I upload videos using FTP?
If you visit the upload page and click the 'FTP Upload' tab you will be presented with the available FTP servers.
Using your personal FTP client and TheVideo credentials you can send add files to your home directory to be processed.


What is pairing?
Pairing is simply verifying that you are not a robot.
Why do you need my IP?
We, along with every other site, already have your IP.
In this instance, your IP is being associated to the verified (or paired) session simply to identify who has been verified, as described above.
How do I pair my IP?
IPs are paired by visiting the pairing page.
Is pairing safe?
Yes! You are not providing any information that is not already public, as explained above this is simply a verification that you are not a robot.